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Ultracompact / Porcelain

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What is Ultracompact?

Ultracompact surfaces are created through a high tech process that mimics and accelerates the metamorphic change natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. The sophisticated blend of raw material used results in visually stunning slabs that are performance workhorses.

Why Choose an Ultracompact Countertop?

Ultracompact surfaces are highly resistant to UV light and won't fade, are completely stain proof, won't scratch or burn, and will never need to be resurfaced or refinished. Thanks to the size (up to 125"x56") and lightness, the possibilities for ultracompact surfaces are endless. With over 5 times the strength of granite your surface can have up to a 12" unsupported overhang, making it ideal for countertops, islands and bars.  

The high tech ultracompaction process is responsible for the performance properties, and the advanced design techniques employed make for an endless array of aesthetic possibilities. Choose from an industrial look, solid color, the harmonious look of natural stone or wood, or even a three dimensional design.

Ultracompact Countertop Care

Ultracompact countertops are low maintenance and don't need to be sealed or polished. Simply wash the countertops with mild soap and warm water.

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